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Friday, February 15, 2013

Catching a rick....

Today morning it so happened that I went to attend d marriage of a distant cousin accompanied by daughter and parents.
Specially mentioning marriage because a young mind tends to get bored while watching all the customs except if it is your friends marriage where you are sort of king in control of many aspects of marriage.
Here parents introduce you to oldies (read relatives) with all adjectives in the world for you and you have to keep a smiling face throughout.
Thank god, I was already bundled into nupital knots else the proposition would have altogether different, with each person looking like a hawk searching for next easy prey.
As I said earlier, my inner self took control over me soon and I asked permission to leave early from the scene. Coming out of the marriage hall, I quickly caught the first rickshaw I got and told him to take me to the nearest railway station.
While being in the rick I went down the memory lane.....
When we are young our attitude towards life is totally different. In college, We were a gang of 8 to10 boys. Being collegekumars, we used to go by rickshaw to college. Though none was a heir of financial wizard (though we badly needed at least one), our dreams were much much more. At that every youngster has big dreams (as youngsters tend to sleep more)
To go to college after required sum was contributes, we used to wait for 'The Rickshaw'. Since time was available in plenty, only that rick would be selected which was neat from outside. It had a soft cushioned seats with a deck hvng base volume on top. The driver was a young chap. All other normal rickshaws would be outrightly rejected.
The logic behind explained by a friend (guru) amongst us was when one alights down near the college gate, the girls look around when music played is on full volume and that carries a positive image of d person getting out if it.
If such words are told to a college boy, wonder if he would ever board a normal rick. Naturally everyone of us boarded only the best.
If this instance makes you feel its aggrevated then a college boy who had a girlfriend would always be on 7th heaven and even reject such ricks. His wish would be something still better.
Suddenly my rickshaw stopped. I had reached my destination. Today the rick did not have any comforts still I am happy as it saved my time. But this trip revived my memories and I got down smiling.
Just then a collegekumar refused to board the rickshaw I had travelled..........still this trend continues.......Amazing!!!


  1. ekdum sahi hai sir..........wo b kya din rehte the.... kab waqt gujar jata tha dosto k saath pata hi nai chalta tha...aur ab bina collge ke dosto k saathh hone pe bhi uss taraha ka majjaa nai aataa jaisa collgee tym me aata thaa.....thankss sir....4 reminding us thosee funny,,,,,nd...un4getbl...tym spent in college wid all stupid frndsssssssssssss.............

  2. yup sir...the trend is still the same...even v do it ;)

  3. Trend won't ever change sir coz mentality of youngster is still the same ... Good to read ""you were already bundled into nupital knots" :)

  4. This created a nostalgic sense; where my college memories came up !! Such amazing true words about being in somebody's marriage ..... The above words brings a smile and chuckle to our face !! .....Simple loved it !! :) :D