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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Kinder-Garten Admission - My Experience

           All the readers of my blog, an unique experience that I had in the past one week is worth a mention and hence this note today.
One of the newest school in Kalyan (East) currently in peak form announced distribution of forms for Nursery on 28th January, 2013 from 8 am to 10am.
           Now, what impact does it have on the minds of the concerned student... Nothing :-).. Honestly. He is hardly concerned where his parents are going to send him to build his career, to build the career of another nation builder.... Whooo!!!!... but the apathy of their parents is worth mentioning. Some poor people (not in money terms),  cannot curtail their anxiety, nor can control the anxiousness (this is a serious problem), assembled near the school gate right from 26th January, 2013 evening.... You may be thinking what a great deal. They have to actually spend the next 36 hours at the same place including two nights and one day. Its not a picnic package by any means.. though 26th January was a Saturday and 27th January was Sunday... people preferred to spend so many hours for the sake of their greatest gift of life... their child (don't know what will happen in future to them, poor chaps... in return later in life). Some volunteers from among the public initiated  a novel idea, one purchased a new register and started enrolling their names one after another. By the end of 27th January,evening the number soaring to as high as 250. And to ensure that the spirit of foolishness is not dampened, a late night attendance call to ensure physical presence was done at regular intervals in these 36 hours.... What a pity???
           This after the school authorities have announced that no need of so much of sacrifice and forms will be distributed to all. If the public give so much importance to such a small aspect then the organisation concerned will surely indulge in dictating terms thereafter. They for sure know whatever will be dictated will be followed by the fool of gangs that have gathered in huge numbers. Somehow, we (public) ourselves are responsible for the actions taken by School and then we cry or demonstrate against the school for atrocities carried against us. We forget that we are the ones who actually gave them the mind to do so in the beginning  No matter how good the infrastructure of the school is, no matter the teachers teach genuinely, the quality provided is best, the quantity intake is refrained.. but we need to control our emotions are let it perform normally without giving unnecessary pamper.
       Continuing with my narration, the helplessness of the parents could be seen in presence. One needed to be there physically to experience it. Definitely, the stories if explained will bring tears to one's eye. A mother carried her baby who was running with high fever, on pavement for the entire night.. A grandfather was out in the cold without proper cover.... Was all this required?? The School authorities are sure to take advantage (any person who knows his superiority would have) The printed forms which hardly cost less than a rupee was sold for Rs.400. Is this not criminal? But people are to be blamed for their gross negligence.
       Next day, on 28th Jan when forms were actually distributed, it hardly took 2 hours for distributing forms to the 200 strong regiment who had formed their base near the school gate for the past 36 odd hours.
      Dear parents, no doubt, you are excited and wish to give the best to your child, no compromise but getting an admission form does not confirm admission to your child in any way...... so relax and you can give the best to your child... a lesson to learn, a school you prefer.
      This article though related to last week is relevant today because today was the day the oldest school of Kalyan East was scheduled to distributed forms and the entire scene was repeated here too. God knows what goes through the minds of the parents for collecting a simple admission form. The only lessons to be learnt is what we generally advice to our children, "Do not be impatient, you will get your share of things when right time comes for it"
       If distribution of forms has enriched my knowledge, What after this till the time admission is finalized for Kinder-garden, then the actual schooling till SSC completion.... Graduation Admission and thereafter post-graduation degree with some professional degree will be a great learning experience for sure. This is too interesting for me personally because I am serving this education field for the past 18 odd years as a teacher at graduation and post graduation level and never felt it taught lessons in such a unique manner.
   God Bless All With Patience!!!


  1. this was a nice post! i wish all parents should read this n understand how they are made fools by this school authorities!