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Monday, February 25, 2013

The monkey and the cap story

I am sure the above three photos must have brought back your childhood memories back in a flash. 

The story continues........

After collecting the caps, the cap seller moved and as one says narrated his story (read experience) to his son, that very night and everyone in the family had a hearty laugh.

Now, after few days the son took on the responsibility of handling the business. He was passing through a similar jungle and as warned by his father, he decided not to rest in between. So, at the outskirts of the jungle, he sat beneath a tree, had his lunch and decided to have a nap.

Just when his eyes regained consciousness  he could not believe what his eyes were seeing. The same story being repeated. All the monkeys had taken his entire booty and were merrily enjoying. Now, the son was not  worried for he knew the trick to get back his entire lot.

He immediately threw the only cap on his head and was anxiously waiting for the response from above. 

Just then, a small monkey came running, picked up the cap and climbed the tree, saying loudly, "We too have father"

Moral of the story :
In Management, communication moves swiftly. Hence you need to update yourself regularly else you will find yourself out of the market earlier than you expected.


  1. Essential for today's Updating world.. keep us updating... father.... :)

  2. surely Poo would like to be in contact with you all till the end :-)