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Monday, February 11, 2013

The power of 'MY'

Every person living in this world needs 'power'. The 'Power' to survive, the 'Power' to struggle, the power to overcome sorrows, the power to get up after a fall.

As everyone agrees, the mental power is bigger than physical power. The yogi's  had this divine knowledge and they overcame almost all their obstacles by themselves.

Even those who have power needs to be reminded of their inner powers at appropriate time for them to take full advantage of such inner strength (Yups.. you guessed it right... The Powerful Hanuman)

Everyone of us is a stuffed with lot of power unknown to us. We make use of it too, again unknowingly, when appropriate time comes.

Even the laziest creature on earth, whose biggest passion is sleeping, raises to the occasion much before time the day he has to go on a picnic.

If the scheduled time to start is 5.00 am on a chilly morning, rest assured 99% members of the group are guaranteed to assemble much before time. (We should not waste time on the 1% as it is just no point discussing such VIP's, who are always late)

People often tend to scribble around while they are doing nothing, say students when teachers are not in the classroom, people when they are stranded at a railway station or bus stop. We find all nonsense written inside a bus or train because people have no other important work when they travel (intentionally public toilets are not mentioned because they are pathetic, not worth a mention). Now the point to remember is that the very same people like to have their homes neat and tidy.

When a person is riding his own vehicle, generally he likes to drive it properly but when the same person is riding other's vehicle remarkable difference can be observed or experienced. (Here i am mentioning only about vehicle, one can imagine every other tangible asset is treated the very same way).

When parents tell their child to study during the course of the year by counselling them in different ways, the attitude of the child is different but the very same candidate just before a month of commencement of exam or during exam days study automatically without any call of the parents. Lo!!! A remarkable achievement!!! (again those who care the least during these days also are not worth a mention here)

What brings about a change in the attitude of all the above people.. is it time? is it luck? is it place?
The answer is a BIG NO.

It is the mentality of the people. By birth, a person is selfish. He wants to keep his things the best always without a compromise but he cares the least for that which is not HIS. This is the power of 'MY'. The day everyone thinks all that is around is HIS OWN, his attitude towards the use of that thing will change.

Before ending this note, a very simple example to illustrate the power of 'MY'.

When you give your pen to a a 3 year old child to play for couple of minutes and then try to get it back from their hands, it will be the most hectic task of the day, Because the child is bound to shout and cry at the top of his/her voice and create all commotions in defense because now the pen belongs to the child and you are trying to invade his territory.

This nation will be blessed and be a wonderful place to stay when every Indian acts on what he says regularly...... "India is MY country..........."

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  1. true words ; I think that is why , when we achieve something and there is lot of good of things told about us , we will find a spark , a smile which will never come in a normal routine even for a photoshoot ......