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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Independence Day

This Independence Day, we celebrate with so much enthusiasm and zeal
For we are lucky to have a proper shelter, enough clothing and daily meal

We shake hands, greet each other merrily and even plan an outing for this day
For we are 'Free' for this day from the routine chores and we enjoy being away
Is this real independence is the biggest question to ponder???
Majority point out fingers to modern day politicians to escape, no wonder

Freedom in its manifold includes all types of enjoyment and leisure
These very reasons led India to the situation of slavery and seizure

The value of a thing, depends upon the cost spent in its pursuance
The modern day man has really sacrificed very less to gain independence
In comparison, the old aged talk more about every single experience
For their memories weep for all the mayhem seen, still alive in their remembrance

Such days are important in today's life, to know about the 'martyrs' sacrifice
The Google's, Facebook's, Wikipedia helps us know about their pains and cries

The likes of Bhagat, Azad, SC Bose who were core revolutionaries
Fought the Britishers head on, believed in 'attack for self defence' and were visionaries
They were different from the others in approaching the struggle for freedom
Their mindset was clear,  for they knew, anytime they can be mowed down

But today after so many years, their thoughts are proved correct on many grounds
Corruption has become a parasite in our bureaucracy system, doing its own rounds

Today's patriots need to change their approach to re-ignite the flame of love for country
For there are many avenues to reach, and practically, every avenue poses a threat to unity
Selfless, Committed patriots is the need of the hour with youngsters raising their hand
No doubt, celebrate this day universally but do honour the duty for your Motherland

Jai Hind!!! Vande Mataram!!!
Jago, Kuch Karo, rather than just Aaram!!!


  1. koi des perfect nahi hota... use perfect banana padta hai - Rang De Basanti :) let's hope we get independence from these problems and let's hope to have interdependence !!!

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