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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Youngistan and Parents....

The generation whom I am in constant touch for many a year
Teaching, training, counselling for they are very dear

They are a perfect example of real life wanderer
Failing to stand to the expectations made by elder

Parents are stuck in awe due to the sudden change
Generation gap, peer pressure, and all, included the range

They are god-gifted in many respect
But lack of discipline, confused mind make them a failure aspect

Not understanding their priority to decide the line of action
Their mind wavers as to the person to approach for solution

A friend is more reliable, say many after thinking for long
The parents have to face the burnt, when things go abruptly wrong

Experience of parents are handy to solve the problems generally mild
The mind does not follow the heart, and also prevents the child

This in turn creates an atmosphere of doubt among the two
Creating lot of tension and discontent too

The ego factor wiggles its tail more often
Worsens the situation, makes the heart hard rather than soften

The people who were closest at initial phase of living
Become warriors of war of words, rather than forgiving

The teen age is most difficult to handle which all agree
The best way, ofcourse, is to set their goals and let them free

Again, freedom should not be unwatched or ignored
Parents watch will guide them move ahead better geared

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