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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Tackling Situations

Every moment  he stepped on the street
And found people run away rather than greet
He thought the reason may be the heat
Nothing else jolted his mind, for he was so sweet!!!

People spoke of high achievement made by him on his face
The pinnacle of success he touched from a normal base
They appreciated His generosity, his contribution and his grace
He believed their words and moved ahead in life in normal pace

But the harsh realities of life exposed slowly and steadily
The very same people spoke ugly behind his back selfishly
The talks were more of rumours than reality, spreading unnecessarily
Unknown people were created a picture in mind rather unfairly

He was very depressed as talks were becoming murkier by each passing day
Everyone around him spoke and he was hardly given a chance to say
But then, he believed in fortune and that bad times will  move away
Sun will again shine in his life and all responsible will have a price to pay

Every person, living this modern life, goes through all these variation
Tons of people together can cause bigger damage, increase tension
Be wise and add only few people in life with clear intention
Being sweet to them is viable and lend meaning to your creation


  1. good one sir as always ...
    how true it is that "you know your friends in your adversity".. ...

  2. life is full of ups and down's the best thing one can do is be clam and look at the almighty and wait for the right time or 1 can say his/her time to shine again ...GOD always gives us chances bcoz he is within us not in temple or elsewhere so even he cant wait long looking at us getting hurted

  3. Agree....few tru friends r enough who r there to support u @ all times.