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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dowry / दहेज

In the world we survive, which is moving so fast
We can reach any part of the world which is so vast

We call ourselves modernized but fail to break clutches of caste
Some practices are good, some cease to exist, and must not last

There can be no excuse for carrying on such malpractice without being wise
Just because our forefathers committed mistakes without imagining the price

Those days, no doubt, it was indeed difficult to get two times of rice
And few cunning minds ignited the minds of simpletons, not letting them arise

Today education must cause a change in the way the modern man should think
It's the man who has to break the barriers of  wrong customs and make it to sink

No stone should be left unturned to stop this practice which is nothing but evil
This practise causes harm and even takes out life, which is an act of being a devil

By continuing such heinous crime even in this modern day without giving a thought
the man fails to prove the theory of evolution of ages and his foolishness being caught

Let us all unite and fight this system at all level as an uniform act
The thought that uneducated follow such customs blindly is a fact

But the funnier part is a sect of educated class follow it using tact
For humanity, banning such practice should be an unanimous pact

Everybody agrees to a simple fact that in the institution called "marriage"
The sacrifice of girls is  more than that of a boy, in all age

Inspite of sacrifices expected from her at every stage with courage and valor
Some shameless and spineless people expect in return a monetary favor

Some say it direct in terms of cash, others demand it indirectly
Whatever it is, must be stopped upfront and directly

The thought process of it being a crime must be publicly criticized
And people favoriting such a practice must be even legally penalized

No person should compromise in any way whatsoever
Then only the practise will be put to end forever

The practise is called dowry in English and दहेज in हिंदी
Name it whatever in different language, it is Always गंधी

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