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Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Daily Start

Everyday I go for my morning walk in a park
I find many people walking, some ready on their mark
It is generally dawn, no lights almost dark
Accompanying some are the faithful dogs, who seldom bark

In such a jovial environment, peace exist
No mark of tension of daily routine, not even a bit
The elderly have a good time with peers before they exit
Fresh Oxygen gives a pleasant feeling to add to benefit

Amongst all these things moving around normally
A fire brigade vehicle was stationed motionlessly
Everyday the driver would self start the engine vigorously
I had a doubt, was this exercise absolutely necessary?

The driver explained me the simple reason for this
If the engine is not started daily, giving a valid  logic for the miss
Then the vehicle may be stranded and be motionless as it is
on the day it is required the most, further worsening the crisis

What a simple yet powerful message to learn
Applicable for all fields this life, irrespective of what you earn
There may be hundreds of passions you may have nurtured within
The failure of  'daily start' has buried it deep inside with life very thin

All those who read these lines, may take this message to heart
'Daily Start' is a need for everything which lie in your wish cart
All the hand made things are both costly and less available in the local mart
Boost up your energies, remember the Almighty and nurture your art

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Tackling Situations

Every moment  he stepped on the street
And found people run away rather than greet
He thought the reason may be the heat
Nothing else jolted his mind, for he was so sweet!!!

People spoke of high achievement made by him on his face
The pinnacle of success he touched from a normal base
They appreciated His generosity, his contribution and his grace
He believed their words and moved ahead in life in normal pace

But the harsh realities of life exposed slowly and steadily
The very same people spoke ugly behind his back selfishly
The talks were more of rumours than reality, spreading unnecessarily
Unknown people were created a picture in mind rather unfairly

He was very depressed as talks were becoming murkier by each passing day
Everyone around him spoke and he was hardly given a chance to say
But then, he believed in fortune and that bad times will  move away
Sun will again shine in his life and all responsible will have a price to pay

Every person, living this modern life, goes through all these variation
Tons of people together can cause bigger damage, increase tension
Be wise and add only few people in life with clear intention
Being sweet to them is viable and lend meaning to your creation

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Teacher's Day

A day to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan
The students make it a point to enjoy with  lots of celebration and fun
As the day belongs to people, who generally work to inculcate discipline
Among those who are happy-go-lucky and actually are not very keen

A teacher may be in good books of few students, as many prefer to stay away
For the methods adopted while correcting a wrong step may not be pleasing anyway
But it is the work of the teacher play such a role
His vision is to create a disciplined student with proper goal

Academics is a part of everyone's life which is mandatory
And the paradox is that students hate to study and add to their worry
They feel like they are birds born to fly high in the sky
Bogged down unnecessarily by the burden, which makes them cry

A teacher and student stand at two stages of life with different priority
A student should understand that every act of teacher is aimed at student's prosperity
At that stage of life, the act of teacher may seem improper
Just remember all the efforts are channelised to convert gold from copper

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Thinking for others....

In this modern world, where time is moving so very fast
People are running behind time to earn and save for the last

In this race, people become mean and self interested to the core
Their world starts and ends with their family of four

At such times, if 'you' think about others with helping intention
Nothing can be more appreciated in this age of intense competition

Your step taken for lending a helping hand to needy and poor
In turn may make your life contented and worth living, for sure

Charity can be in any form, either donation in cash or providing service common
Your initiative today will go a long way to revive the life of many or at least one

God Bless you all now and forever!!!
Lord Krishna is playing with us just here!!!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wah re bhagwan!!!

I search you, call u daily, but never find you
Feeling disappointed, i search for ways new

But when i am in deep problem, which seems to remain forever
You come and solve as if nothing existed ever

I am sure my belief in you can never cease
With such timely interventions, the faith is sure to increase

Many argue about your existence, give rational argument, make us speechless
The biggest question though is we have very little to prove, for you are formless

The Proof of your existence is best felt at personal level at different phase 
For you are a friend, a philosopher, a guide,  play different role in different case

There are mixture in every living element of life, some believers others not
Only love can spread the fragrance of your being, rather than battles fought

My experiences says every atheist believes you more than the firm believers
The only difference is they wander around searching for the existence of yours

!!!Bappa morya - Om sai ram - Saranam ayyappa!!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Independence Day

This Independence Day, we celebrate with so much enthusiasm and zeal
For we are lucky to have a proper shelter, enough clothing and daily meal

We shake hands, greet each other merrily and even plan an outing for this day
For we are 'Free' for this day from the routine chores and we enjoy being away
Is this real independence is the biggest question to ponder???
Majority point out fingers to modern day politicians to escape, no wonder

Freedom in its manifold includes all types of enjoyment and leisure
These very reasons led India to the situation of slavery and seizure

The value of a thing, depends upon the cost spent in its pursuance
The modern day man has really sacrificed very less to gain independence
In comparison, the old aged talk more about every single experience
For their memories weep for all the mayhem seen, still alive in their remembrance

Such days are important in today's life, to know about the 'martyrs' sacrifice
The Google's, Facebook's, Wikipedia helps us know about their pains and cries

The likes of Bhagat, Azad, SC Bose who were core revolutionaries
Fought the Britishers head on, believed in 'attack for self defence' and were visionaries
They were different from the others in approaching the struggle for freedom
Their mindset was clear,  for they knew, anytime they can be mowed down

But today after so many years, their thoughts are proved correct on many grounds
Corruption has become a parasite in our bureaucracy system, doing its own rounds

Today's patriots need to change their approach to re-ignite the flame of love for country
For there are many avenues to reach, and practically, every avenue poses a threat to unity
Selfless, Committed patriots is the need of the hour with youngsters raising their hand
No doubt, celebrate this day universally but do honour the duty for your Motherland

Jai Hind!!! Vande Mataram!!!
Jago, Kuch Karo, rather than just Aaram!!!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Youngistan and Parents....

The generation whom I am in constant touch for many a year
Teaching, training, counselling for they are very dear

They are a perfect example of real life wanderer
Failing to stand to the expectations made by elder

Parents are stuck in awe due to the sudden change
Generation gap, peer pressure, and all, included the range

They are god-gifted in many respect
But lack of discipline, confused mind make them a failure aspect

Not understanding their priority to decide the line of action
Their mind wavers as to the person to approach for solution

A friend is more reliable, say many after thinking for long
The parents have to face the burnt, when things go abruptly wrong

Experience of parents are handy to solve the problems generally mild
The mind does not follow the heart, and also prevents the child

This in turn creates an atmosphere of doubt among the two
Creating lot of tension and discontent too

The ego factor wiggles its tail more often
Worsens the situation, makes the heart hard rather than soften

The people who were closest at initial phase of living
Become warriors of war of words, rather than forgiving

The teen age is most difficult to handle which all agree
The best way, ofcourse, is to set their goals and let them free

Again, freedom should not be unwatched or ignored
Parents watch will guide them move ahead better geared

Sunday, August 4, 2013

A day for friends

The only relation we choose after we understand
Other relations are already existing even before we land

No constraint or bias before we shake our hand
Now a days, the trend is to tie on the wrist, a band

This trend of friendship may be new
Accepted by many, rejected by few

A person whom we confide anything under this sky
We believe more than any blood relation, dont know why?

Just being with them gives us some sort of comfort
We feel we can achieve everything with their support

The fact is that these idiots encourage our every activity
Whether logical or not, correct or wrong, in or out of city

This gang stands firmly behind us in most odd situation
Our partners in crime & held responsible for our action

This idiot or a gang, whose relation can never end
Is none other that that of a friend!!!

A friend is a 'sacred' word to have in our life
Unknowingly gains a position above husband or wife

The best part is you need not to be special or formal or wise
After an agressive fight with foul words, just hug to compromise

A true friend is so easily available but still rare
Be as normal as possible but "handle with care"

Let go your ego when you are with your friend
For if you let go your friend it would be your "End"

Happy Friendship Day is the only mantra of the day
Let your hairs down, shake legs, or just be there, I say.

The facebooks, twiters and other have added spice in today's fest

Still trust is the only base on which this friend'ship' floats the best

The survival of this pure relation is many a times put to test

But this relation is so strong that that it proves itself everywhere, west or east.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Sometimes or Always

Two words bonded closely with each other
Used exclusively such that latter replaces former

Few luxuries of life can be enjoyed thoroughly only sometimes
For the cost of daily living would be unbearable if used all times

Every creation of god which is natural can be consumed always
For it is generally free and helpful for human life in many ways

Every creation of man which is artificial need to be used rarely
For it is having its own cost of creation with usage to be done carefully

Experts insists one peg of whisky makes a heart healthy and hale, but only sometimes
The problem of man is that peg does not stop at one and becomes habit for all times

Even tobacco consumption sometimes may not be hazardous
But regular use of it or habit makes living of human life dangerous

Among the things that needs to be practiced always, is hard work, self-discipline, respect
Today's people feel it difficult to follow even for sometimes, failing to deliver what elders expect  

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wht else did u do then....???

If being a child u did not....
... cry for every small mayter
... laugh in the vry nxt moment
... jump and fall inspite of being warned
... get hurt badly all over everyday
What else did you really do then???
While going to school, u did not...
...  like to go to school
... do your homework
... go out of classroom for reasons unknown
... do silly mischief being with friends
What else did you really do then???
While in college, u never....
... bunked your lectures sometimes
... went out for an outing with friends
... submitted assignment of your friend in your name
... collected idiots in life called as friends
What else did you really do then???
In regular life, u did not....
... make mistakes that could have been
... lazy out with friends doing nothing
... spend time without any purpose
... take out time for family leisurely
What else did you really do then???
Life is a serious affair, no doubt
One needs to be committed at all levels
Follow discipline at all fronts
But the real pleasure is to be off guard on few days and break own own rules.... Happy Living

Friday, June 7, 2013


When you are tired or disinterested, you yawn
Generally, it might the time you wake up in dawn

A very dangerous carrier by itself in many  a way
Spreads to the person observing you near or far away

The yawning of a single member in audience irritates the speaker
For the number increases drastically and that too much quicker

Though yawning face of a kid is wonderful exhibiting tender cuteness
Also, a lover dies to see the yawning of his lady love with all her laziness

What an emotion inbuilt within the human face!!!
It makes me think, but I do know its a creation of Almighty & we must just praise!!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Growing is a natural process in everyday life just like any other activity
We eat, we sleep, we walk, we run, everything we do is our natural duty

Growth can be measured and recorded in numericals
This growth is very good and it can be precise even upto decimals

The attitude of a person marks the growth which is not measureable
Even the assets grows drastically making a mark of what he is capable

The immeasurable growth is more dangerous and complex
Never do we understand what runs in the mind which is perplex

'Action speaks louder than words' goes the saying generally
Ego takesover such mind, which otherwise accepts things normally

Growth is not a negative aspect in any regard
For growth can lead to development of self and social guard

Only a person who satisfies his family needs properly at all time
Has the right frame of mind for community service sublime

A child grows to become a man over a period of time naturally
His approach towards life depends how he matured - seriously or casually?

A seed develops into plant which inturn becomes a tree
The advantages of shadow, flowers, fruits are enjoyed by all totally free

Every living being aims to grow big in his own accord
The important aspect is the cost spent for the same on and off the record

Once grown into a big tree, every living being expects fruits regularly
Sometimes failing to understand the tree bears fruits only seasonally

All curses are hurled when the desires and expectations are not fulfilled
Tree at such times feel, rather than growing further, it is better if it is killed.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Watch your thoughts for its becomes your action
Watch your actions for it becomes your habits
Watch your habits for it becomes your behaviour
Watch your behaviour for it becomes your character
Watch your character for it defines 'you'
Is a saying which is applicable to all generations, old and new

Habits are an integral part of upbringing from childhood to manhood
Nobody ever understands when hobbies actually becomes habits
Habits are always double edged swords in life
It can be relaxing at times, levying a huge cost some other times equally
Generally a man develops habits along with his peer
This helps him in overcoming clouds of depression and makes his face cheer

Habits make the person slave of the actions he undertakes to do voluntarily
The consistency of his actions sets an alarm in his mind permanently
This is when such actions leads to destruction at all levels - self, family and society
Self destruction is one of the major side effects and he becomes the target of pity
The man forgets all about the civilisation and moral science being taught at school
Just chases hard to get this thirst satisfied at any cost and feels it being an act so cool

Habits can never be good, howsoever one thinks he does is best and feels it is not a crime
Repetitive nature of the acts may irritate the fellow beings, and it may even fail the test of time
Habits are bad not because of the nature of action, but because of the habit and its range
As it is rightly said, Habits are humans most consistent companion in life without a change

The most astonishing factor of Habits, is in the word 'Habit'
Observe closely and remove 'H' from it 'A Bit' remains
Still struggle and get 'A' out, we see 'BIT' remains
and you work hard on it to get 'B' out.... we find 'IT' remains

Inculcate Good Habits and reap good benefits for life..... :-D

Saturday, June 1, 2013


God created this world,  full of amazing things all around
Human beings could find few but many are yet to be found

His creation makes the most intelligent human mind marvel
While watching the mountains, the rivers and beauty passing by during travel

Every inch of nature is beautifully carved with endurance as an integral feature
Providing an opportunity of survival for all living beings including smallest creature

The creation of animals made the man God merrier as they are very faithful
HE provided different strengths and weakness to keep everyone alert and watchful

The internal check on all creations of nature is an illusion of HIS magical touch
Every living being which bears a curse, is blessed with power to overcome that crunch

The powers may be explicit or may be deep rooted inside, depending upon many factors
Internal strength is superior to the external, bringing it to fore needs overcoming many detractors

All these creations of Almighty is existent and almost permanent in nature
Man has to conserve it in the present, only then it will be available even in the future

No doubt, creation of Man was the most amazing and wonderful action of God
Every part of human body is fabulous arrangement, placed neatly without being odd

In the early stages, Man struggled to survive the rawness of nature and harshness of weather
The passage of time eased his way with invention of many artificial things and also living together

The research and development in all sectors of life made a turnaround in the quality of life spent
all modern gadgets, replaced nature with artificial products, making man forget what life actually meant

Man has become a carrier of different sort of diseases, all because of unwanted desire
Overworking, stressful life pattern, sleeping at odd hours, need for luxuries adds to the fire

Today a man is blessed with beautiful bed but lacks sufficient sleep
He has varieties in food, but lacks hunger as his worries run deep

This modern world has created unwanted pressure all around and made a person so crazed
Looking at this lifestyle, with no sleep and hunger, even the God is amazed!!!

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Change - the most constant factor in this human life
Had change not occurred, our lives would not been so comfortable
Those who are unable to digest 'Change' create strife
Many argue that change should not be so fast but slow and stable

No argument actually passes the test of time successfully
Their argument is fake for they do not have the courage to face the change
The easiest option at such times is to take on the challenge tactfully
Initial disappointments are a reality but the important aspect is to manage

The world we survive today is a result of consistent change over period of time
All the technological benefits we enjoy today are fruits of research and development
Every field of human life is blessed with advanced features, providing a sense of sublime
Every natural thing is created artificially, so precisely and perfectly, without any argument

Changes to illustrate has affected our living in a large way
Education has changed, the way it is imparted to students by projectors and live example
Internet has brought about the entire world in a screen of 20 inches to learn and play
Telecommunication industry has a face lift - landlines to mobiles to networks, a great sample

Luxuries of life have increased along with expectation of people in this modern era
Medical field is the largest beneficiaries of technological advances
Doctors have become life saviours and therapist even show a person his 'aura'
Scientist explore life beyond earth, human survival at moon and mars show best chances

Every small ingredient of human life has experienced sea of change
The only option for survival for every living being is to accept this fact without complaining
Only few fields are referred in these verses, changes in other fields do have a large range
Changes in the past, changes in the present pave way for adventurous future life living.

Remember, Time Changes - Bad times will soon become brighten
                   Place Changes - Developments are bound to happen
                   Person Changes - Do not judge on the past records in future
                   Be flexible, Accept Change, Live a simple life being mature

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Value is a subjective issue, it depends on so many factors, some controlled some not
Out of sight - out of mind, a common concept on which 'value' of value is got

Observations conclude 'value' tends to be least for things received with minimum effort
Contrarily,the 'value' of things is greatest when time taken is maximum to gain control of the fort

An most important aspect is that 'value' is associated with person involved genuinely 
Also, Value is based on priorities, changing with changing times regularly

The value of a person increases as a result of the good deed
The help, the charity, he extends to the society selflessly at the time of need

The more he is involved in social commitment
The larger is his need in the society and thus increase in the giving sentiment

However, his family may not accept such a behaviour
Where majority time is spent for survival and leisure time on becoming social saviour

Balance is what is crucial at such times along with proper time management
Proper allocation of available resources will simplify the arrangement

'Love' is a pure feeling which can restrict the creeper of ego to develop
For those who are neglected while charity is on, they complain and even sob

Being Valued is a very complex feeling created within which is difficult to let go
And a very good friend, which nurtures another feeling - ego

Both generally travel hand in hand and seldom leave other's company
Similar to story of hen/egg as to which came first and have destroyed many

Experienced wizard say both are independent and survive separately
But practically once a person is 'valued', he develops ego automatically

So, if you are a valued person in the society, just be careful not to cross the line
Remember that Serving the society is your duty and rest will be fine

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The shame

Cricket in India is unofficially declared as our national game
Fans support the team unconditionally & bring lot of acclaim

A few names erupt from nowhere and reach the pinnacle of fame
Also, many are held in high esteem and become household name

Such players should know the secret of such respect, is none than the game
For Cricket is immortal and players are temporary carrier of this flame

The players should bear that playing fair game should be their only aim
For when greediness takes over mind, no one accept what they claim

A few players, out of sheer foolishness, make it lame
And offer opportunity to critics to fire from all sides for the same

Finally, their act of irresponsibility makes them accept the blame
Hurting the sentiments of a true follower and hang his head in shame

Saturday, May 11, 2013


Every living creature was born alone and leaves this world alone
Even the artificial creation is called as 'clone'

No matter how many relatives we are born with
All the friends you make during lifetime are yours, is just a myth

The final truth is simple, whatever crowd you relate to
one is always alone and has to slog oneself to achieve, so very true

Being alone creates both physical stress along with vacuum at mental level
The positivity within needs to be brought out and deal with loneliness, with marvel

Being alone is not a negative feeling by any stretch of imagination
The earlier acceptance of this fact helps better result anticipation 

All achievements in a group are the result of toil of the leader
The individual praise of the leader motivates him to work further

The advantage of 'being alone' also are many, best known to creator of art
The fact is the best of creativity is created in total silence and world apart

Even the 'truth' of one's existence, the fun of 'time' that makes one dance
The purpose of being a part of worldly affairs, is realised only in deep 'trance'

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My new friends @ NMU

We have begun writing a new chapter in books of our career
Ready to overcome and jump over all the barrier

This also made us members of our new team
Our association, no less than a sweet dream

Hope that this run continues in the same way
May God bless us with the degree and answer for what we pray

SSC, HSC, Graduation, Post-graduation, M.Phil, Professional degree -  all conquered
Doctorate - our ultimate goal, helps us move ahead without being bothered

This is my way of saying 'thank you' in a poem
Hoping that we all blend together as a team for time to come

Friday, May 3, 2013


Stones are found commonly everywhere
walking or running, seldom does one care

Many a times we hurt ourselves walking carelessly
The 'stone' is held culprit getting all the curses unnecessarily

Stones are found in different shapes or size, big or small
the only creation held responsible for every fall

An interesting fact though is stones are an integral layer of road
Laid down at three stages, it helps them become strong to bear the load

Some feel, stones are laid down in the road with specific intention
to reduce speed or hamper the smoothness or just create mental tension

This creates a mental block and unwarranted stress, along-with unpleasant ride
Accepting the simple fact that roads are from stones, helps overcome such a tide

These verses are framed for students appearing for various exams during the year
Stones are the problems in the road of success, the secret code here is "do not fear"

Stones are bound to be a part of your travel and the best part of its being there is
All stones overcome, becomes the highlight of success story, for anyone to miss

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Service to mankind

Service to mankind is service to God, is the saying
Many people practice this principle and indulge in serving

Here comes the difference between thinkers and doer
people who think still are thinking how do they serve the poor

While doers start doing their activity and start whatever they can do
without thinking if their act will yield results which they were intended to

The service includes serving plain water to the people who are walking
Providing different Juices or Buttermilk on a summer day is refreshing

Some arrange for different fruits or biscuits to munch
A few blessed people arrange for full fledged dinner or lunch

Satisfying the stomach is not the only means of service to human nation
those who provide for free "Maalish" do their bit of providing relaxation

The best relief providers are Doctors who accompany a group for these days
For hundreds of people who walk barefooted rely on medicines and sprays

Not to be forgotten are the people who provide free accommodation to all
For arrangement of  food, water and shelter are the challenges to be met stiff and tall

Ultimately, everyone should try to be a donor, not only of cash, in a group
Everyone should donate time, labour and provide selfless 'seva' to the troupe

Saturday, April 27, 2013

My experience of Padyatra - OM SAI!!!

When we planned to walk to Shirdi from lalbaug in mumbai
Many counted us as a pack of jokers and laughingly bade us bye-bye

They were correct in respect of practical problems one face
for walking for so many days needed consistency and pace

Practically this is not good as sun is on the head with tremendous heat
The faith, however, empowers the devotee to face the challenges he is to meet

Walking, as is proved by science, is beneficial for health
Also, being alone makes him realise inner self and forget his created wealth

When one walks in such a group, he learns many things on daily basis
Power of Supreme is experienced, Faith revoked that His creation of desert also has an oasis

The group size may be huge collectively but a person is alone throughout
whenever he walks, he normally gets grossly engaged in this personal thought

He meets friends, old and new, in between the walk or at pre-decided halts
He learns to lead life with necessities, accepting food with or without salts

When walking lengthy stretch of road, a person estimates the time and distance
but the unexpected turns, ups and downs in between, makes him worried and tense

The inner strength comes to the fore, the Almighty gives courage, lends a helping hand
the moving crowd raises the mental strength, the tired feet starts moving swiftly in the sand

The sight of destination to be reached provides immense satisfaction, even it its far away
The feeling of happiness erupts within in appraisal of achievement of the target for the day

Every short target achieved accumulates into achieving the larger vision
Minutes converts to hours, hours to day and 10 days together marks end of the season

Knowingly or unknowingly, one reaches the "Darbar" of SAI
Standing in front of the calm, integrated statue generates stream of tears from the eye

What all emotions erupt within cannot be described, how so ever one gives a try
The feeling is same as a child sharing everything to a calm listening "Aai"

The joy, the inner peace derived, makes one realise there is no existence of  'I'
Offering ourself at HIS Lotus feet is the only way to salvation  - OM SAI, OM SAI!!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Picnic just says Pick your bag at the available nick
Helps your mind to refresh, ends being homesick

Picnic is just an excuse to break the routine
Does not really depend on the place or cuisine

Picnic is a great stress buster from the chaos and pressure
A few people close to the heart is enough for leisure

Picnic is always special in many a ways
For everything thrusted inside the heart is released always

The D-Day of Picnic has a majestic touch as one wakes smiling
Everyone has a feel good factor from within, right from the beginning

Even the sleep god fails to weave its magic all around
The laziest bones are energetic with positivity showing turnaround

Picnics are enjoyable, because of accompanies we choose
The right chord of emotions are released when we let ourselves loose

Planned picnics have all comforts arranged so some may be bored
Instant picnics have the surprise element but its a two edged sword

Today I am moving off for one such unplanned picnics with anxious heart
the enjoyment will unfold once the travel begins to a world apart

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Wait

The person in true love have always experienced to wait
Seeing the face of his love, is the hidden bait

Many a times this wait kills the person from inside
The sweet end result makes him keep other things aside

There is no definite place where one waits for the eyes to meet
Besides a dustbin, at a crowded market place, is fine just to greet

The time spent for the wait separates him from his family and friends 
The priority of the lover changes, the importance of others ends

The impatient person by nature suddenly builds in loads of patience 
Just to impress his love and thereby making lots of hidden sacrifice

There is a huge charm and selflessness in the process of waiting
He forgets the world to see the smile on Her face with blushing

Today this modern world had equipped all with Information Technology revolution
But still the development has failed to stop the original nature of human evolution

When the person involved in a chat, sends his message and waits for the reply
His heart impounds impatiently for those few seconds anticipating to fly

In case there is an instant power failure, the wait creates an accidental rage
The original inner self gets revealed and a war of words is sure to emerge

The wait was there before and is existing in today's date
The medium, the messenger though different, always invokes love for the mate.

Those moments of wait are always vital and precious treasure for both
After ‘the wait’ when true love is the winner then it’s a gift mammoth

Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy Birthday

The only day of life when a mother laughs and the child cries
The remaining days, its other way round, in-spite what anyone tries

A special day in the life of every person
when the world laughs with you without any tension

A day when the people close, arrange a 'surprise' party
A cake, few gifts and includes all people who are that worthy

Such a party is special for it is not in the plans of the person even faintly
the 'surprise' increases the face value of the person with a smile instantly

The people who put in efforts to make all such arrangement on birthday
exhibits the respect and love for the person, least to say

Blessed is such a person, who has such loving people around
For no amount can purchase pure emotions of love, faith, trust and bond

These verses on birthday are reflections of  my experiences I was showered with
By students and friends on 25/3/2013 which also cleared many of my myth

Saturday, March 23, 2013


The modern style of large people of society is to cheat
For only those proved to be wrong are considered culprit

In a democracy, every one has a right to defend himself
People of upper hierarchy, have others to shout on their behalf

So in a country like India, being poor is a curse
Being Rich can save you from all kinds of bruise

Simple living, High thinking was the rule of the past
High living standards with average thinking has won hearts aghast

Corrupt persons are allowed to contest and win elections easily
For the heinous crimes is not yet proved, a reason provided, obviously silly

Our democracy is a model for others to follow
Some aspects of our own system are difficult to swallow

The administrative system of the country must run on independent wheel
For Transfers and post retirement benefits make many honest people kneel

The Police and Judiciary must go hand in hand without becoming fragile
The culprit caught must be sentenced instantly giving a few fair trail

This poem is an emotional outburst on various issues built
Cheats of so many scams moving around freely without any guilt

An affluent filmstar promoted by elite class for being eligible to be pardoned
Many poor jailed for reasons unknown and  their cases totally ignored

Someone should stand and raise voice for such cases categorically
For 'Innocent should not be punished' is the theme of our Judiciary

Jai Hind!!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


A person who leads a nomadic life
prefers to live in solace without child and wife

A person who has no permanent place to live
who cares the least for self, is always ready to give

The guy is happy without any luxury
Who prefers to walk while travel without any hurry

He carries his world along which is minimal
includes all things required for survival

He can adjust himself to the extreme conditions
mourns less, understands more, accepts situations

He is a King in many regards, eats what he has in his dish
lives where he feels comfortable, dictates terms of life as per his wish

He may be happy for the outside world, ready for any get together
His insight within may reveal a different story altogether
The experiences he shares, one might feel he is a great story teller
Dear friends, never miss an opportunity to meet the WANDERER ever!!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Reading Room

The concept of Reading Room is unique. It is very closely related to a Library, still it is different.

A Library is a place which displays collection of all varieties of books and allows its members (both life members and temporary members) to use it at a nominal fee. But, the important aspect to be noticed here is that all members who visit a library must have an inclination towards reading. Unfortunately, this fever of reading is dying slowly in this modern era. To invoke this reading habit, the library must have a Reading Room within its premises to add to the flavor.

A Library can be established in an area of 100 sq. ft with shelves for books and a place for one person to sit and manage the same. (I am not referring about the libraries in metropolitan cities but of rural areas). As a matter of fact, my personal observation led me to a conclusion that many registered libraries are being  inaugurated to obtain government grants. They are running with a handful of members in a very small premises and the existence of such a library is hardly known by the people of the same village. Harsh but true. 

Also, a library caters to the need of general reading, which is definitely good at mass level but it fails to deliver on academic front. An average student, who is not a ranker, a scholar finds that mere supply of books during exams days aren't enough (for his parents might have provided all the books in the world). Alas!!! it does not help him a great deal.

This concept of Academic Reading Room occurred to my mind during my college days. We, friends, used to look out for a place to study (especially during night time). This helps an average student immensely. If the group has even one studying student who knows the concepts well, he helps the entire group to perform better. And also, when one observes his friend is reading, he automatically puts his head down and turns a few pages, which he did not do ever before. The only negative aspect of group study was once a matter came for discussion which was out of academics, everyone would close their books and contribute wholeheartedly in the debate and studies would go out of the window for that day.

Fortunately, being a teacher, a few more finer points came to my observation that a reading room must have separate cabins for boys and girls, so that natural attraction is avoided. Supervisors need to be appointed to take care of unnecessary discussions. Proper timings should be allotted for studying. The only disadvantage of this project of Reading Room was it was not commercially viable. Hence, when this concept was explained to many business people (who could actually afford to do charity), rejected out-rightly.

But, as fate had already in store, I myself purchased a property ad-measuring 2000 sq.ft and inaugurated a Academic Reading Room in the heart of the city. We formed a charitable association, V.K.MEMORIAL WELFARE ASSOCIATION and under the name and banner of this association started this library and reading room on 1.1.2007. 

The land area was limited and the capacity of students to study was limited, so a concept was formulated whereby students were allotted slots of 4 hours in a day - (a) morning (7-11), (b) afternoon (12-4) and (c) evening (5-9) at an economical fee of Rs.50 per month. For students having higher inclination to study were provided 10 hour slots- (d) morning (9am to 7pm) and (e) night (9pm to 7am). The night batch was exclusive for boys and with prior permission of parents. The fee charged was Rs.100 per month. A supervisor to look after the students at night batch.

The concept was an instant hit among student fraternity and in the first three months, the registration soared to 200 numbers. Slowly and steadily, as the word of mouth spread, the registrations started flowing in steadily. Today the reading room boasts of having around 1000 students annually from all fields of life.

In the early days of reading room, it was occupied during exam days of September to March. But as students experienced knowledge gain, the reading room is occupied for all the 12 months now a days. A consistent time in their daily schedule made their learning experience an added advantage.

Initially, the reading room faced financial constraints at all grounds but with proper management now the reading room is self-sufficient and caters to the needs of students community at large.

The ICAI have joined hands with VKMWA and provide a separate reading room for CA students residing in nearby areas, free of cost. This facility is included in our reading room premises itself.

This concept of Reading Room should be spread allover in every district and taluka level, and serve the student community forever.

(This Library and Reading Room is in existence at Kalyan East, Thane District as V.K.Memorial Library and Reading Room @ Basement, Jai Shree Ram Bhuvan CHS Ltd, Near ZP School, Station Road, Kalyan E. The author is the Chairman of V.K.Memorial Welfare Association)

Monday, March 4, 2013

A Big Zero - Circle

A circle is an unusual diagram when observed closely
one cannot find the start or end after it is drawn fully

It is the diagram which reflects the reality like
bare hands is common to birth and death alike

All that was existing in yesteryear's may be out of fashion today
The same, however, becomes a trend  tomorrow, as one would say

Many activist are working hard to make common people realize
conserve nature else the next-gen will make a huge sacrifice

The man progressed to enjoy all luxuries of today endlessly
just because the nature supported him all around selflessly

Air, Water, Soil, Trees, Mountains, Energy or every minor component
Helped mankind sail through rough sea without major adjustment

Today Man may has discovered many artificial ways to lead life better
But all ideas learnt by observing nature, a fact true and bitter

Even the cost factor is an interesting aspect of study
All artificial things costs a bomb which nature provides freely

Human life is nothing less than a Big Zero
Learn Conservation to accomplish your task of being a Hero

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The 'Dabba'

Ms. Suzy, knocked the officedoor of MD of Anand 'O' Anand Ltd just when he was having his lunch.

(Mr. Anand was health consious and followed a  strict diet regime. He followed a healthy schedule everyday. Starting his day with a morning walk followed by regular exercise, having healthy breakfast and proper intake of juices with good food throughout the day. Generally, no one dared to enter the cabin during lunch break and interrupt Mr.Anand.)

He was a foodie, everyone knew. When Suzy slightly opened the door, she was surprised the food was on the table and there were drops of tear in the eyes of Mr.Anand....

When Suzy asked the reason, he narrated...........

When I was a very small... somewhere in I/II standard, I remember I had a high degree of possessiveness for my dabba. Whatever was mine, I never liked to share with anyone. We used to love the biscuits,  pastries and chocolates send in by parents (in fact we were taught to be selfish for our dabba).

When we grew bigger, somewhat in V/VI, our degree of friendship increased and we enjoyed each other's company. In those days, there used to be a big group. Everyone used to open up their respective 'dabba' and share its content. The big group had many small groups of 2-3 people but everyone enjoyed everyone's company. The best of the school days. This trend continued for another two years.

Just when I reached IX standard, the monkey within us started to wag its tail. Now the big group had vanished almost. There were few bullies in the class and few helpless sheeps. The groups were distinct, The Scholars Group (where you needed to score a rank to be qualified in the group), The Back Benchers Group (where you needed to be a mischievious kind of person ready to be kneeling down in the verandha of classroom and The General Groups (not belonging to either of the above groups).

I belonged to the famous BB Group. Our day would start with punishment and end on a similar note. The intervals would now be used for only one task i.e. playing. New game every day was the order of the day. Then the 'dabba' time had changed. Now it used to be during the lectures. It was fun. To eat without being caught. Very risky but everyone among us enjoyed this task. The modus operandi was simple enough. Keep the dabba open in the desk (you never know, when will you get a chance)....put your head down and slowly put one piece inside the mouth, munch it very slowly without being caught in the glance of teacher.

The most crucial moment would be when teacher is asking question in the classroom, and unexpectedly your name is announced and you have just put in the piece of chapati in your mouth... Ooo la la.... You take all the time in the world, stand up very slowly... try to wash down everything you have in your mouth with water from the water bottle.... this is crucial because if you are caught, everyone is at risk. And if caught, even if the teacher pardons you, rest assured, you will be thrown out of the group and the mouth lashing you are expected to get is huge. But the fun is worth being a part of the BB group.

Now, after so many years, I am alone in my cabin having my food, without anyone's company but remembering those wonderful days......Wow!!! Nostalgic!!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

The monkey and the cap story

I am sure the above three photos must have brought back your childhood memories back in a flash. 

The story continues........

After collecting the caps, the cap seller moved and as one says narrated his story (read experience) to his son, that very night and everyone in the family had a hearty laugh.

Now, after few days the son took on the responsibility of handling the business. He was passing through a similar jungle and as warned by his father, he decided not to rest in between. So, at the outskirts of the jungle, he sat beneath a tree, had his lunch and decided to have a nap.

Just when his eyes regained consciousness  he could not believe what his eyes were seeing. The same story being repeated. All the monkeys had taken his entire booty and were merrily enjoying. Now, the son was not  worried for he knew the trick to get back his entire lot.

He immediately threw the only cap on his head and was anxiously waiting for the response from above. 

Just then, a small monkey came running, picked up the cap and climbed the tree, saying loudly, "We too have father"

Moral of the story :
In Management, communication moves swiftly. Hence you need to update yourself regularly else you will find yourself out of the market earlier than you expected.

Friday, February 22, 2013

A rain drop....

Its me... a Rain drop....
The time our journey started from within the cloud
We were destined to travel in a crowd

Every other droplet was a friend, no one a foe
Had this simple thought, where are we supposed to go

Travelling from such a height made us scare
But everyone of us was enjoying the travel in the air

One spoke, I should fall in a farming land
Help the farmer to enrich his share of sand

Other said, I would be happy to nurture a tree
which helps the human race to survive without a fee

Next came the voice, I would be happy to serve anywhere
we may not get all that we wish for here or there

This was very true, as majority of us would be of no usuage
Drained down along with mud deep into the sea or even a drainage

The lucky few among us would land safe without any hurl
the luckiest one who falls in a shell and  become a pearl

We all are the same in all aspect
Our value depends on the company we get

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Time.... Pleaseeeee.......

We friends, who were bitten by the social service bug, decided to visit an old age home this sunday. Being the first time for me, all different thoughts surrounded my head and naturally made me restless yesterday. Could not sleep properly due to anxiety. (as happens for all first-timers!!!)

Naturally, I was the first to reach the meeting point too in the morning. Once we reached 'Maitri Old Age Home', the first hour passed away like a minute with the trustees of the old age calling upon all the house-mates for breakfast. We voluntarily served the breakfast to all and even cleaned up the vessels as a good gesture.

Next everyone there assembled in the ground as they all knew they had visitors. The Old age Home provided shelter to around 70 people. We had practiced few songs, dances and one of us had even practiced mimicry of few Bollywood artists. Though none of us were perfect, our imperfection made them go head over heels. We were all happy to see them laugh their hearts out.

After the program (if it can be called so), we distributed clothes and sweets that we had brought for them with contributions from various noble busy souls of the city. Everyone was thankful for whatever they had got. We could understand that it was the time we had taken out for them that made them happy than the material gifts we had carried along. As time passed, it was noon - their lunch time. We one-day volunteers again volunteered to serve the lunch and clean the premises.

In the afternoon, we all scattered ourselves among the oldies to give them a ear to listen to their experiences. All my friends had warned me against deep emotional talks with any individual member as I may not be able to sustain the same. They clearly warned me to just ask for their daily needs and move on to the other.  They all had been their before too and knew the consequences.

But as one says, one need to experience few things self than listen to others advice.

I met Mrs. Tulsi, a 60 plus lady, a retired teacher. After preliminary introduction, I sat besides her. (Actually my friends has warned me against this and especially this old woman).

She first investigated about me and my family and gave some tips for my daughters, as to how to take care of them. Then started narration of a volley of incidents wherein I was just a mute spectator.

She first told me about an incident few years ago, where in she was told to get down out a train for carrying a unconfirmed ticket in III A/c compartment. How she bravely fought with the ticket-collector and even offered him a handsome bribe. But since, it was peak season, no berth was available and the TC had to compel her to get out. She gave the TC a good lashing of mouth before actually getting down. She told me that she was travelling to her native place for the 'Jatra' but since confirmed tickets were not available, she had no other option. But then she traveled the rest of the journey in an unreserved compartment. During this disclosure, she felt happy for the mischief played by her and her face glowed up and also she had a hearty laugh.

Without intervention, she continued, that she took so much of pains for her grand-daughter, who was actually  turning three very soon and could not speak properly or even walk. And after returning from the pilgrimage, the child actually started telling some basic words like 'Aai' and even started to walk with help of support. The divine intervention helped her grand daughter to a great extent. Suddenly, her face lost the charm, as she was unhappy that her only son (whose daughter story was narrated above) could not give enough time to her because of hectic work schedule (Lame Excuses, as always) and would visit her once in a month with the child for not more than 3-4 hours and tears started flowing!!!

Before I could actually console her, she wiped off her tears and her eyes glowed, she started telling me about  her daughter's son, who had now joined college and was more interested in sports than studies. How he travels by his cycle everyday to his college, plays football and hurts himself everyday and narrated me the story of how he had fractured his hands two months ago.... then, she explained me that her daughter was more than happy to keep her with herself but she did not intend to go to her place. How her daughter traveled to her job at 8.30am and that her office timings were now extended by 1 hour and that she now started in the morning at 7.30 am.

Mrs. Tulsi, now started cursing her daughter's bosses for not understanding the plight of a working woman, how she had to wake up at 4.30 am, do all the household chores, prepare food for the child, have breakfast and leave the house so early.. and further, due to financial crisis, the company had not paid them salary for the past few months... she started worrying... what is the use of doing MBA.. and joining a corporate and facing such problems in life....

As if things were not over, her curses continued for the builder who had taken over their residential house of over 600 sq.ft promising a much larger flat in a 20-storeyed building to be built in the same premises. Their house was actually taken over redevelopment for the past three years and due to some legal issues between the builder and society trustees, the deal had landed into a mess and that her daughter had now to survive in a rented house nearby.

She spoke about inflation, education, sports, social issues, and so many topics in one go... I was just nodding my head in affirmation (as I had no other option) and my friends were at the other end laughing out  loudly at my plight.... I tried my level best to stop the old lady but she gave me no chance to leave... Now one of my friends called my name loudly and I ran away from there asking excuse from her..... I knew for sure her stories were still unfinished.

When I came out, I had a severe headache, and I asked for one cup of tea to come out the trauma....
Just while sipping, a thought flashed my mind... What wrong did the old lady do? She had narrated all facts of her life only and what was expected out from us was just lending an ear, even which was also painful for us.... We had come for social service, our programs, our gifts were not that important as was to give time to such oldies but this was the true social service....

Any one out there.... do you have some time... please???

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Final lecture (2012- 2013)

A teacher is one blessed soul who goes through all emotions in one academic year.

Throughout the year, he always enjoys the tag of being 'Hitler' (one needs to be strict enough for the students to pay attention in the classroom). So Being Angry Young man is shadow of the personality of a teacher.

Some days of the year, he shows the brighter side of his life, wherein he laughs or passes on jokes in the classroom, cheers up the entire students while teaching which makes the lecture more entertaining.

During examination days, he plays the role of a motivator to the core. As the connectivity with students increases, the more examples are in stock in the minds of a teacher, which when shared at right moment, helps students to overcome the tide of anxiety especially those related to appearing exams. In the modern world, with more and more youngsters taking up the challenge of being a teacher, their role in a student's life has grossly increased  as students can easily put up their problems to their immediate teachers.

In case of any unfortunate incident happening in the life of a student, a teacher plays the role of a affectionate guardian and helps the student come out of the trauma in the best possible manner. The emotional maturity of a teacher comes to the fore at such times.

During special days like Teacher's day, Cultural program day, he laughs out his heart in the company of students and also participates in other fun activities of dancing, singing (as per his choice) along with children. This actually help a teacher never grow old in mind (not physically though)....

Though the life of a teacher is very inspiring, very satisfactory, very remunerative, very respectful,  the only negative side of the coin is being a teacher the character demands maximum worth and to keep that clean demands lot of sacrifices, specially at personal level. Also, the emotional trauma to be faced by a teacher are indefinite.

At the end of every academic year, when the students of graduation bid-adieu, the moment is very touchy.... the mouth goes dry, it gets chocked with emotions and tears start oozing,  those people who were a part of daily life, suddenly will not be seen for time to come ..... very difficult moment to digest. The very same feeling where a father bids adieu to his daughter on her marriage.

Difficult to digest but have been doing for the 19th year....... Only HE knows how many more???
Thinking of all my ex-students at this moment....Today was the final lecture of this academic year....2012-13. God Bless You all with his Choicest Blessings now and forever....................................................

Friday, February 15, 2013

Catching a rick....

Today morning it so happened that I went to attend d marriage of a distant cousin accompanied by daughter and parents.
Specially mentioning marriage because a young mind tends to get bored while watching all the customs except if it is your friends marriage where you are sort of king in control of many aspects of marriage.
Here parents introduce you to oldies (read relatives) with all adjectives in the world for you and you have to keep a smiling face throughout.
Thank god, I was already bundled into nupital knots else the proposition would have altogether different, with each person looking like a hawk searching for next easy prey.
As I said earlier, my inner self took control over me soon and I asked permission to leave early from the scene. Coming out of the marriage hall, I quickly caught the first rickshaw I got and told him to take me to the nearest railway station.
While being in the rick I went down the memory lane.....
When we are young our attitude towards life is totally different. In college, We were a gang of 8 to10 boys. Being collegekumars, we used to go by rickshaw to college. Though none was a heir of financial wizard (though we badly needed at least one), our dreams were much much more. At that every youngster has big dreams (as youngsters tend to sleep more)
To go to college after required sum was contributes, we used to wait for 'The Rickshaw'. Since time was available in plenty, only that rick would be selected which was neat from outside. It had a soft cushioned seats with a deck hvng base volume on top. The driver was a young chap. All other normal rickshaws would be outrightly rejected.
The logic behind explained by a friend (guru) amongst us was when one alights down near the college gate, the girls look around when music played is on full volume and that carries a positive image of d person getting out if it.
If such words are told to a college boy, wonder if he would ever board a normal rick. Naturally everyone of us boarded only the best.
If this instance makes you feel its aggrevated then a college boy who had a girlfriend would always be on 7th heaven and even reject such ricks. His wish would be something still better.
Suddenly my rickshaw stopped. I had reached my destination. Today the rick did not have any comforts still I am happy as it saved my time. But this trip revived my memories and I got down smiling.
Just then a collegekumar refused to board the rickshaw I had travelled..........still this trend continues.......Amazing!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Day

Valentine's day, Valentine's day, Valentine's day
You are so unique because you make everyone pray

Your craze starts right from school days in the modern world
No surprise that old aged and youngsters are involved in your fold

St.Valentine never knew his message of love would be so popular
that fundamentalist will have to protest against this day by creating panic and fear

But love, as it is very simple, honest and clear
finds a way in the hearts of youngsters in remembering their dear

Definitely, youngsters should always know that love is such a pure emotion
on the d-day, true lover even lacks words to express his love, being in full tension

The problem today is many have taken things for granted among some of the youth
The 'moral police' being agitated try to discipline everyone in east, west, north or south

A simple solution is enjoy the day with the beloved ones as much as you can
As a matter of fact no one can cause any damage to love or create a ban

Luxurious gifts attract in the beginning, paving way for meaningful gifts later
The best given though is just being together and makes the person feel dearer

To be in the company of beloved makes the day special for both
Enjoying their valentine day thereby renewing the licence of oath

Monday, February 11, 2013

The power of 'MY'

Every person living in this world needs 'power'. The 'Power' to survive, the 'Power' to struggle, the power to overcome sorrows, the power to get up after a fall.

As everyone agrees, the mental power is bigger than physical power. The yogi's  had this divine knowledge and they overcame almost all their obstacles by themselves.

Even those who have power needs to be reminded of their inner powers at appropriate time for them to take full advantage of such inner strength (Yups.. you guessed it right... The Powerful Hanuman)

Everyone of us is a stuffed with lot of power unknown to us. We make use of it too, again unknowingly, when appropriate time comes.

Even the laziest creature on earth, whose biggest passion is sleeping, raises to the occasion much before time the day he has to go on a picnic.

If the scheduled time to start is 5.00 am on a chilly morning, rest assured 99% members of the group are guaranteed to assemble much before time. (We should not waste time on the 1% as it is just no point discussing such VIP's, who are always late)

People often tend to scribble around while they are doing nothing, say students when teachers are not in the classroom, people when they are stranded at a railway station or bus stop. We find all nonsense written inside a bus or train because people have no other important work when they travel (intentionally public toilets are not mentioned because they are pathetic, not worth a mention). Now the point to remember is that the very same people like to have their homes neat and tidy.

When a person is riding his own vehicle, generally he likes to drive it properly but when the same person is riding other's vehicle remarkable difference can be observed or experienced. (Here i am mentioning only about vehicle, one can imagine every other tangible asset is treated the very same way).

When parents tell their child to study during the course of the year by counselling them in different ways, the attitude of the child is different but the very same candidate just before a month of commencement of exam or during exam days study automatically without any call of the parents. Lo!!! A remarkable achievement!!! (again those who care the least during these days also are not worth a mention here)

What brings about a change in the attitude of all the above people.. is it time? is it luck? is it place?
The answer is a BIG NO.

It is the mentality of the people. By birth, a person is selfish. He wants to keep his things the best always without a compromise but he cares the least for that which is not HIS. This is the power of 'MY'. The day everyone thinks all that is around is HIS OWN, his attitude towards the use of that thing will change.

Before ending this note, a very simple example to illustrate the power of 'MY'.

When you give your pen to a a 3 year old child to play for couple of minutes and then try to get it back from their hands, it will be the most hectic task of the day, Because the child is bound to shout and cry at the top of his/her voice and create all commotions in defense because now the pen belongs to the child and you are trying to invade his territory.

This nation will be blessed and be a wonderful place to stay when every Indian acts on what he says regularly...... "India is MY country..........."

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Who is Envy???

Mr. Ravi a daily laborer, used to travel to his workplace by walk. Thinking about all the adversities of life he faced in daily life, he stopped at a railway crossing.

A railway crossing, a signal are places on roads wherein every person, rich or poor, has to stop. No amount of any kind of influence can help you get over the other side easily. Such stops are important more so because everyone can continue his process of thinking which he generally does while travelling by road. Gazing each other is one of the best ways to get over time.

Like others, Mr. Ravi too was involved gazing people around him. Just then, a person arrived on bicycle near him. The next thought obviously that came to his mind was 'How lucky this chap is to have a bicycle?'. I will put in all efforts and earn some extra bucks to purchase a new bicycle at the earliest.

No sooner, the bicycle rider stopped, he gazed around to find a person on a two-wheeler. Not being an exception, he too thought, 'The person with two-wheeler is much more luckier than him, he can move fast with least physical efforts, I too need to have such a two-wheeler sooner than later'

Now, the two-wheeler owner was building his dreams to purchase a normal SUV at the earliest so that he can drive along with his family anywhere and everywhere without much fuss. This two-wheeler was not that helpful in that scenario.

The SUV owner on his part, was unhappy on the comforts his vehicle was providing him. He was attracted to the newly launched SUV which was parked besides him with the latest amenities and also for the fact that it was chauffeur-driven vehicle. He was imagining the comforts of just relaxing in the rear than face all the music by driving the car himself.

So many people weaving dreams in their own world were in a way envious of the position achieved by other person besides him. This if taken in positive sense, could be motivation for each to progress too.

From whatsoever was happening at the railway crossing, one could say for sure that the owner of the luxurious car relaxing at the rear is the luckiest chap around at that place as he had all the luxuries at his disposal. But as it is said, the grass is greener on the other side always.

The car owner was himself envy of Mr. Ravi.

He was thinking how lucky a man is who is walking on his own in the streets for he had lost both his legs at childhood itself.

Different people think different.

Be contented with whatever you have as others may be just wishing they have all that you have as of now.

Monday, February 4, 2013


The advantages of being flexible are always more than expected
A flexible person as compared to a stubborn is more accepted

Being Flexible means always ready to adjust as per situation
Here, personal  wishes and choices takes a back seat without litigation

A flexible person adds to option of a captain of any team
For he can perform any task and make the captain beam

A Flexible person adds to the overall value of self and  his teammate
It motivates others to follow him, thereby brighten the team's fate

However, Being Flexible is not an  everybody's forte or an easy task
For it demands regular sacrifices and to hide true emotions behind mask

Further, all the sacrifices of a flexible person may go in vain
if the efforts put in by him are doubted as if he is to make a personal gain

Naturally being flexible is bound to bring a bad name in the beginning
As others feel it is pampering the bosses, for the sake of their praising

Others envy the presence of such a flexible person in their group
As it increases the chances of being thrown from the troupe

At personal front, the flexible person bears the maximum current
as every plan made has a risk of getting ruined at the spur of the moment

No amount of explanation can have an impact on the minds of people in house
Either they need to understand his position else he has to manage his spouse

The adverse effect of being flexible can be worst
If the damage is not controlled before it is burst

In practical life, the disadvantages of flexibility are many in different field
But a Flexible Person is the one who protects all like a strong shield

A Flexible person is the need of all organisations for survival
Which helps to face the winds of competition and avoid their burial

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Kinder-Garten Admission - My Experience

           All the readers of my blog, an unique experience that I had in the past one week is worth a mention and hence this note today.
One of the newest school in Kalyan (East) currently in peak form announced distribution of forms for Nursery on 28th January, 2013 from 8 am to 10am.
           Now, what impact does it have on the minds of the concerned student... Nothing :-).. Honestly. He is hardly concerned where his parents are going to send him to build his career, to build the career of another nation builder.... Whooo!!!!... but the apathy of their parents is worth mentioning. Some poor people (not in money terms),  cannot curtail their anxiety, nor can control the anxiousness (this is a serious problem), assembled near the school gate right from 26th January, 2013 evening.... You may be thinking what a great deal. They have to actually spend the next 36 hours at the same place including two nights and one day. Its not a picnic package by any means.. though 26th January was a Saturday and 27th January was Sunday... people preferred to spend so many hours for the sake of their greatest gift of life... their child (don't know what will happen in future to them, poor chaps... in return later in life). Some volunteers from among the public initiated  a novel idea, one purchased a new register and started enrolling their names one after another. By the end of 27th January,evening the number soaring to as high as 250. And to ensure that the spirit of foolishness is not dampened, a late night attendance call to ensure physical presence was done at regular intervals in these 36 hours.... What a pity???
           This after the school authorities have announced that no need of so much of sacrifice and forms will be distributed to all. If the public give so much importance to such a small aspect then the organisation concerned will surely indulge in dictating terms thereafter. They for sure know whatever will be dictated will be followed by the fool of gangs that have gathered in huge numbers. Somehow, we (public) ourselves are responsible for the actions taken by School and then we cry or demonstrate against the school for atrocities carried against us. We forget that we are the ones who actually gave them the mind to do so in the beginning  No matter how good the infrastructure of the school is, no matter the teachers teach genuinely, the quality provided is best, the quantity intake is refrained.. but we need to control our emotions are let it perform normally without giving unnecessary pamper.
       Continuing with my narration, the helplessness of the parents could be seen in presence. One needed to be there physically to experience it. Definitely, the stories if explained will bring tears to one's eye. A mother carried her baby who was running with high fever, on pavement for the entire night.. A grandfather was out in the cold without proper cover.... Was all this required?? The School authorities are sure to take advantage (any person who knows his superiority would have) The printed forms which hardly cost less than a rupee was sold for Rs.400. Is this not criminal? But people are to be blamed for their gross negligence.
       Next day, on 28th Jan when forms were actually distributed, it hardly took 2 hours for distributing forms to the 200 strong regiment who had formed their base near the school gate for the past 36 odd hours.
      Dear parents, no doubt, you are excited and wish to give the best to your child, no compromise but getting an admission form does not confirm admission to your child in any way...... so relax and you can give the best to your child... a lesson to learn, a school you prefer.
      This article though related to last week is relevant today because today was the day the oldest school of Kalyan East was scheduled to distributed forms and the entire scene was repeated here too. God knows what goes through the minds of the parents for collecting a simple admission form. The only lessons to be learnt is what we generally advice to our children, "Do not be impatient, you will get your share of things when right time comes for it"
       If distribution of forms has enriched my knowledge, What after this till the time admission is finalized for Kinder-garden, then the actual schooling till SSC completion.... Graduation Admission and thereafter post-graduation degree with some professional degree will be a great learning experience for sure. This is too interesting for me personally because I am serving this education field for the past 18 odd years as a teacher at graduation and post graduation level and never felt it taught lessons in such a unique manner.
   God Bless All With Patience!!!